St. Luke's Primary Care Clinics Are Offering School Sports Physicals

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St. Luke's Primary Care Clinics Are Offering School Sports Physicals

As summer is coming to an end, fall school sports are beginning. Many students need sports physicals.

Dr. James Donovan, MD, at Miller Creek Medical Clinic reminds parents that it is important for student athletes to have a sports physical to prevent injuries and to have a better understanding of any existing conditions. "The objective of a sports physical is to identify any potential issues that the student athlete may have so proper treatment can be given," Donovan said. "The goal is for the student athlete to have a fun and successful sports season."

Some of the common injuries that Donovan sees during the school sports season are:

  • Overuse injuries, such as shin splints
  • Sprains/strains
  • Muscle tears

Although a school sports physical may not prevent common injuries, the physician can diagnose any existing injuries and make recommendations on treatment.

To make it easy and convenient for parents to schedule sports physicals, St. Luke's primary care clinics are taking appointments now.

BELOW: Dr. James Donovan, family physician at Miller Creek Medical Clinic

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