Stroke Care

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Providing the Region’s Most Comprehensive Options

St. Luke’s is committed to providing comprehensive stroke care. Time is crucial and the faster a patient arrives in our emergency department after initial signs of a stroke, the more options are available to minimize damage.

If appropriate for the patient’s symptoms, we offer the clot-busting drug tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), which is given intravenously. In addition, St. Luke’s is the only hospital in the region to offer the option of endovascular thrombectomies for large-vessel ischemic stroke patients. The procedure is performed by interventional radiologists with St. Luke’s Consulting Radiologists Ltd. in the hybrid operating room at St. Luke’s Surgical & Procedural Care. They insert a catheter into the patient’s leg and remove the clot, which can instantly restore blood flow to the brain.

Once the active stroke is resolved, stroke rehabilitation is essential. St. Luke’s Stroke Rehab Program provides comprehensive rehab to help patients recover from a wide range of stroke-related difficulties, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

St. Luke’s is also proud to partner with Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp to host a weekend-long camp for stroke survivors and their caregivers.

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