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At St. Luke's Occupational Therapy, our specialized occupational therapy services are designed to help individuals attain their highest level of functional independence. Our board-certified therapists create individualized treatment plans centered around your goals. Our services include:

  • ADLs or Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, showering, and functional mobility
  • IADLs or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living such as meal preparation, homemaking tasks, laundry tasks, medication management, financial management and transportation
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • Home safety assessment and recommendations
  • Upper extremity assessment establishing functional strengthening programs and neuromuscular re-training
  • Functional cognition assessment: And then addressing an individual’s ability to perform and complete functional ADL cognitive tasks, including functional cognitive retraining
  • Visual assessment and retraining
  • Functional splinting
  • Overall mental health and wellness assessment
  • Leisure activities

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Occupational Therapy services are available at any location listed below. To schedule an appointment call the location at the phone number listed.

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Outpatient Therapy Lakeview Building

  • St. Luke's Lakeview Building
    1001 East Superior Street, 3rd Floor
    Duluth, MN 55802 Map
  • Phone 218.249.6040

Laurentian Medical Clinic

  • 8373 Unity Drive
    Mountain Iron, MN 55768 Map
  • Phone 218.748.7480
    Toll Free 888.824.9477

    Fax 218.748.7488

Lake View Hospital Rehabilitation and Fitness Center

  • Lake View Hospital
    325 11th Avenue
    Two Harbors, MN 55616 Map
  • Phone 218.834.7310

Hibbing Family Medical Clinic

  • 1120 East 34th Street
    Hibbing, MN 55746 Map
  • Phone 218.362.7100
    Toll Free 877.595.0562

    Fax 218.362.7131

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General questions: 218.249.5555

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