Care Coordination / Chronic Care Management

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Services & Specialties Care Coordination / Chronic Care Management

Care Coordination / Chronic Care Management

Your Guide to St. Luke’s Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management Services

What is care coordination and chronic care management? Care coordination is a team approach to health care that provides access to all the services and support you may need. Chronic care management is care coordination for Medicare and dual eligible (Medicare and Medicaid enrollees) patients. Most primary care clinics within the St. Luke’s health system are a certified health care home. They will work with you to coordinate and deliver care that focuses on your health care goals.

Clinic Care Coordinators

  • Chequamegon Clinic, Sarah Stroshane, 715.685.6600
  • Community Care Team, Justin Stutsman, 218.249.6500
  • Denfeld Medical Clinic, Stephanie Vainio, 218.249.6800
  • Hibbing Family Medical Clinic, Jessica Rikkola, 218.362.7100
  • Lake View Medical Clinic, Robin Glaser, 218.834.7700
  • Laurentian Medical Clinic, Jessica Rikkola, 218.748.7480
  • Lester River Medical Clinic, Erin Wiig, 219.249.4500
  • Mariner Medical Clinic, Beth Lundgren, 715.395.3900
  • Miller Creek Medical Clinic, Andrea Mistelske, 218.249.4600
  • Mount Royal Medical Clinic, Erin Wiig, 218.249.8800
  • P.S. Rudie Medical Clinic, Brooke Davis, 218.249.4300
  • St. Luke’s Internal Medicine Associates, Lori Hanson and Beth Petite, 218.249.7960
  • St. Luke’s Medical Arts Clinic, Andrea Gornick, 218.249.3500
  • St. Luke’s Pediatric Associates, Rachel Wenz, 218.249.7870

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