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  • Bring along any orders you receive from your doctor.
  • Bring along all current cards of insurance coverage.
  • Bring along a picture ID.

Outpatient Surgeries

  • Same as above, but report directly to the Day Surgery Department, 4 East.
  • Also, bring along any forms your doctor may have given you.


  • Same as Outpatients, plus:
  • Bring along any forms you received from your doctor in which you were requested to provide information.
  • Not for admitting - but will be helpful for the nursing staff - a list of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Questions you will be asked during admission:
  • Verification of address, telephone, Social Security number, marital status
  • Religious preference or church affiliation.
  • Also - place of birth, contact information, if an accident - type of accident, when accident occurred, where accident occurred and time accident occurred. (And if an emergency department visit or urgent care visit patient, you will be asked when the onset of medical problem occurred.)
  • Employment information –company, address, telephone number, occupation.

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