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Medication Safety

Ask the doctor and pharmacist about the medicine

  • What is the name, benefits, and possible side effects or reactions with other medications or food/beverages?
  • WHAT IS IT? Make sure you know the name and color of the medicine. Take medicine in well-lit areas.
  • WHAT IS IT FOR? Make sure you know why the medicine is being taken.
  • HOW DO I TAKE IT? Ask the doctor or pharmacist to explain how to take the medicine and how often it should be taken.
  • WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR? Ask what the results should be and possible reactions.

Discuss previous allergies or reactions

Make sure the doctors, nurses and pharmacists, know about any allergies or reactions to drugs you or your family member might have

Brown-bag it

Bring the medicines or a list to every appointment. Include over-the-counter, herbal, or dietary drugs. Throw away old medicines.

Double-check your prescription

Before you leave the pharmacy, check your meicine to make sure it was prepared for you. Speak up before you leave because pharmacies typically do not take back medicine once it has been purchased.

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