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HIE-Bridge Health Information Exchange

In an emergency, locating your medical information is critical.  During high stress times, you should not have to worry about where to find your medical information.  HIE-Bridge™ can help.

What is HIE-Bridge?

A system that speeds up locating your medical information for doctors, nurses
and emergency staff from regional facilities.

How will HIE-Bridge benefit me?

It will let doctors and nurses find where your tests and other health information are
stored across the region. With this, they can make better and faster decisions for
your care.

Is the system secure?

Yes! State-of-the-art security protects your privacy and prevents unauthorized
access to your medical records.

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Additional Information

You may opt‐out from the HIE‐Bridge™ network. If you choose to remove your information from HIE‐Bridge it may not be available in the event of an emergency or disaster. Please request additional information on opt‐out procedures from registration or clinic staff. If you opt‐out and then change your mind, you may opt back in at any time.

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HIE Bridge Health Information Exchange
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