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St. Luke’s Volunteer Service Guild (Auxiliary) was organized in 1951 to render services to St. Luke’s and its patients, as well as to support the goals of St. Luke’s. It is run by a 25-member board of directors and offers additional opportunities for service, leadership and personal growth.

In order to accomplish many of the special services for patients, the board also participates in fund-raising activities, which include: all profits from St. Luke’s Gift Shop, 12 percent of sales from St. Luke’s coffee shop, See’s Candy Sale, a book fair, a bake sale and a number of other special events.

The Volunteer Service Guild has a fee of $5 for annual membership or $35 for lifetime membership. Membership fees also help support Guild programs.

For more information about St. Luke's Volunteer Service Guild, call 218-249-5343.

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