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Mental Health

Mental illness knows no class, sex, race or age limitations. It can affect your friend, a relative or even you. It is not something to ignore, but to address-because mental health is just as important as physical health.

Optimal mental health does not have to be discovered alone. Seeking help along the way by working with a mental health professional can make the journey easier, faster and more rewarding.

When you're ready for help, we're here for you.

Inpatient & Emergency Services

At St. Luke's Inpatient Mental Health, we care for individuals with chronic mental health problems, as well as those with acute, life-threatening distress, and we believe it is our primary responsibility to treat these people with the utmost respect. When a person is experiencing a mental health crisis or moment of unreality, we strive to preserve their dignity, while at the same time ensuring their physical and emotional safety.

Our newly designed facility and multidisciplinary approach to psychiatric treatment are cornerstones of the care and comfort we seek to provide. And our widely experienced team of caregivers share St. Luke's philosophy of compassion-working first to stabilize the patient's illness and effectively promote his or her good health.

Our Inpatient Mental Health Services can be accessed 24 hours a day through St. Luke's Emergency Department or by contacting a referring physician.

Outpatient Services

Our caring mental health professionals provide a broad spectrum of services designed to help patients evaluate the root causes of distress in their lives. We help form plans to resolve these problems and then help patients carry out those plans.

At St. Luke's Mental Health Services, we treat everyone who needs help dealing with problems that interfere with their health, safety or relationships.

Our programs provide, counseling, support and other types of treatment for a variety of mental health problems including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Disorders
  • Parenting/Family/Couples Issues
  • Major Psychiatric Illness
  • Chronic Pain

If you, or someone you know, feel overwhelmed by the struggles in life, and you seek the guidance we can offer, please give us a call. Our goal is to help you reach optimal mental health.

Referrals are welcomed and accepted from individuals, families, physicians, therapists, clergy and social service agencies. Call for an appointment or referral.

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