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St. Luke’s Hospice Duluth® provides home care services that enable most patients to be where they are most comfortable—in their own home. Home care staff assist primary caregivers, often a family member or close personal friend, in caring for their loved one.


When a patient’s condition temporarily requires more intensive medical care than can be provided in the home, special homelike hospice inpatient care is available. Family members are encouraged to stay with the patient as much as they desire and to bring favorite meals or personal belongings to enhance patient comfort.

Bereavement Follow-Up

Members of the caregiving team continue to work with the family members following the death of a loved one, to help them cope with their loss. Family and one-on-one counseling is available, as are referrals to outside agencies, when needed.

Hospice / Palliative Caregivers

Because each patient’s needs are different, caregivers work with family members, the patient’s physician and the program’s Medical Director to develop an individualized plan of care and support. The care giving team includes the following members:

  • Registered Nurses coordinate the overall plan of care and teach the patient and primary caregiver how to give medication and perform other necessary treatments. In addition to making planned visits, nurses are available on-call to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Home Health Aides/Homemakers provide patients with personal care such as bathing, changing bed linens, hair and mouth care, and assistance with exercise.
  • Social Workers and Counselors counsel patients and families regarding personal, family and financial concerns and coordinate needed community resources.
  • Dietitians counsel patients and families regarding special nutritional needs.
  • Chaplains work closely with family clergy and provide spiritual counseling and emotional support when needed.
  • Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks for which they are specially trained, and provide respite for the primary caregiver.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists assist as needed to help patients make the most of limited physical abilities.

Other services of St. Luke’s Hospital are also available, as appropriate.


St. Luke’s Hospice Duluth® services are available within 40 miles of St. Luke’s Hospital. Patients are accepted into the program after a physician referral, an assessment by hospice staff members and identification of a primary caregiver or an available decision-maker, if the patient lives alone.

St. Luke’s Hospice Duluth® provides services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, handicap, age, diagnosis or sexual orientation. Services are not denied for financial reasons.

Insurance Coverage

As a component of St. Luke’s Home Health Services, Palliative Home Care may be covered by private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid under home health benefits. St. Luke’s Hospice Duluth® is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin and federally certified to provide the Hospice Election program under Medicare hospital insurance (Part A), medical assistance and private insurances. These election programs allow greater flexibility of coverage to assist terminally ill patients whose goal is to remain at home.

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