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Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research

Promoting, implementing and advancing clinical research since 1996

The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research is a joint effort between St. Luke's and the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth to support patient oriented clinical research with special emphasis in the areas of cancer, lung and heart disease. Support for Whiteside Institute research activities also comes from collaboration with both government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

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Currently Available Studies:

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The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research performs Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. An experienced research staff guides the studies through every step, taking advantage of both the vast resources available and the large patient base. Principal investigators participating in clinical research have experience in a broad range of medical and surgical subspecialties, including acute and chronic diseases and benign and malignant conditions.


  • To promote and participate in clinical research using new technologies and treatments in order to learn more about normal and abnormal body function and the cause, progression, prevention, treatment and control of human disease
  • To encourage collaboration of basic and clinical investigators in the region.
  • To assist health care professionals interested in research participation.


  • Complete hospital laboratory
  • Investigational pharmacy
  • Workspace for monitors and patient visits
  • Molecular biology research laboratory equipped with laser dissection microscope
  • Clinician/Investigators and research subjects throughout the, made up of St. Luke's Hospital, 10 primary care clinics and 26 specialty care clinics

Whiteside Grant Application

The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research invites grant applications for research addressing issues related to the prevention or treatment of cancer, lung disease or heart disease. Clinical research includes studies of therapeutic interventions including clinical trials of drugs, disease prevention and health promotion; evaluation of diagnostic tests or strategies; behavioral studies, health services research; epidemiologic studies; outcomes research and translational research. Basic science applications will be considered but must include a strong collaborative effort with a clinical scientist.

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 8, 2013, with grant awards being announced in mid-December 2013. To access the grant application form in Microsoft Word select the following: Whiteside Grant Application.To access grant guidelines and evaluation criteria click on the following links: Grant Guidelines, Grant Evaluation Criteria.

Proposal Development Assistance

Institute staff recognize many health care professionals have ideas for research projects but have not formally developed these ideas into grant proposals. Members of the Whiteside Scientific Committee are available to discuss ideas and provide guidance in proposal development.

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