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Foundation Foundation Staff and Leadership

Foundation Staff

Catherine Carter Huber, Executive Director
Phone: 218.249.2420
Fax: 218.249.5168

Laurie Johnson, Operations Coordinator
Phone: 218.249.5249
Fax: 218.249.5168

Becky Lindberg, Development Associate
Phone: 218.249.5673
Fax: 218.249.5168

Larina Adler, Development Associate
Phone: 218.249.2543
Fax: 218.249.5168

Administrative Staff

John Strange, President/CEO

Eric Lohn, CFO

Board of Directors

Ted Harwood, MD, Past Chair

Helena Jackson, Chair

Paul Sanford, MD, Medical Director

John Cloutier

Steven Dastoor

Susan Goltz, MD

Edwin Hall

Lizette Lawien, Secretary

Pakou Ly

Scott Lyons, Vice Chair

Del Prevost

J.C. Welles, Treasurer

Carmen Wendland

Lindsey Jacobson

Jason McCaffrey

Roni Salo

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To establish care, call 218.249.4000.
For general questions, call 218.249.5555.

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