Safety Tips

Safety Tips

St. Luke's Regional Trauma Center is here for the unexpected. Read the tips and advice our physicians and surgeons have for staying safe and enjoying life.

"When operating a motorized vehicle of any type, give that activity your full and sober attention. Injuries resulting from impaired and distracted driving are entirely avoidable, yet they kill and injure members of our community each year."

-Dr. Mark Monte, general surgeon

"Be prepared when you go camping. Bring a first aid kit. Have an emergency evacuation plan ready. And tell loved ones when you are leaving and coming back."

-Dr. Timothy Kufahl, family physician

"As an avid motorcycle rider, it is important to wear a helmet to protect your brain. Head injuries can be life altering."

-Dr. Sam Laney, inpatient rehabilitation unit medical director

"Be sure to wear reflective clothing when bicycle riding so drivers can clearly see you."

-Dr. James MacNutt, neurosurgeon

"Being outdoors can be exhilarating. When trail running, I am always careful around loose rocks and tree roots. It's the small things that sometimes can cause big injuries."

-Dr. Gretchen Karstens, pediatrician

"Alcohol contributes to a large number of the accidents and injuries I see in the emergency department. Know your limitations and use common sense."

-Dr. Shawn Brown, emergency physician

"Before each deer season, I inspect my deer stand and I always use a safety harness."

-Dr. John Bollins, general surgeon

"I love adventure! Whenever I go hiking, I always tell a friend my plan. It's better safe than sorry."

-Dr. Christopher Delp, emergency physician

"Minor trips and falls can have serious consequences. Watch out for unexpected hazards like garden hoses. I see a surprising number of patients who have tripped over them."

-Dr. Michael Pappas, orthopedic surgeon

"Staying physically fit and active on a daily basis are great ways to avoid potential falls. A little exercise can go a long way."

-Dr. Addie Licari, family physician

"When inline skating, watch out for sand and rocks. It's easy to get out of control."

-Dr. Naveen Gowda, interventional radiologist

"I've been skiing since I was two years old and serve as medical director at Spirit Mountain. Stay safe on the snow by wearing your helmet whenever you are skiing."

-Dr. David Rust, orthopedic surgeon

"Workplace injuries often can be avoided. Always follow the safety guidelines and report any safety concerns you see."

-Dr. Douglas Wendland, occupational health

"Prevent potential lawn mower injuries by wearing sneakers or work boots when mowing your lawn. Do not wear sandals."

-Dr. Jarrod Buresh, vascular surgeon

"Keep a close eye on any children in or near the water. Looking away for a few minutes can have serious consequences."

-Dr. Dan Opheim, general surgeon

"There are many rewards of kids playing sports—teamwork, exercise, coordination. Just remember to be safe, wear the proper safety equipment, and plan ahead.”

-Dr. John Watkins, orthopedic surgeon

"Watch out for your fingers and eyes. Fireworks are not a toy and can be very dangerous. There are many community firework displays for you to enjoy."

-Dr. Nicholas Van Deelen, emergency physician

"Carbon monoxide prevention is important since you can't smell it. So always have a detector in your home and check its batteries on an annual basis."

-Dr. Kelsey Schultz, family physician

“Traumatic brain injury as a consequence of car accidents can be devastating and even fatal. Wear your seat belt, pay attention, slow down and no texting. Save your life and that of someone else.”

-Dr. Robert Bejnarowicz, neurosurgeon

"Living in the Northland means awfully cold winters and the possibility of frostbite. Remember to cover exposed skin before going outside and limit time outdoors when it is frigid.”

-Dr. Lauren Giammar, family physician

“As a frequent visitor to the Boundary Waters, my advice would be to be aware of underwater rocks and logs and to avoid rapids."

-Dr. Brian Bergeron, emergency physician

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