Our technology is state-of-the-art

St. Luke’s Regional Trauma Center is equipped to stabilize any patient. Our dedicated team is ready to handle whatever life throws at you and is supported by technology and equipment that’s equally amazing.

Hybrid Operating Room

Seconds—that’s what matter when patients are rushed in for major trauma. That’s also what our hybrid operating room (OR) was designed to save. With the ability to complete low intervention procedures, incorporate interventional radiology and bring multiple specialists together into one room, the hybrid OR is built to respond at the speed of trauma. It allows us to be quick to act so you can be quicker to recover.

Surgical Robot

The da Vinci Surgical System lets our physicians perform highly intricate procedures with less postoperative pain, fewer complications, decreased blood loss and shorter recovery periods. da Vinci's magnified, 3-D perspective enhances precision, flexibility and control for the surgeries that demand the highest attention.

Intensive Care Unit

We treat and care for injuries in trauma patients in our intensive care unit. This higher level of care means we can bring the right people and technology to monitor you.

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