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Birth Plan

Introducing the About Baby Birth Plan

With our completely customizable About Baby Birth Plan, you can state your preferences for every aspect of your delivery—from the atmosphere of the room to pain management. While filling out your birth plan, you can decide things like who you want in the room with you, what music you want playing, what you want to happen right after delivery, and even if you want a massage.

It’s a great tool for working through the options that accompany labor and delivery, and one that’s available to you right away so you have enough time to decide. We start planning when you do — in the first trimester. From there, you can take your birth plan home to consider your options over the coming months. Figuring out the details ahead of time with your doctor and nurses ensures that when you are ready to deliver, our entire team is on the same page: yours.

Download a PDF of the About Baby Birth Plan.

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