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Our Care Philosophy

The better you know the patient, the better that patient will be. It’s been part of our philosophy since day one: the patient comes first. No matter who, no matter what. We have excellent doctors, nurses, specialists and support staff, and we’re all here for the same reason—to take care of the people who need us. We do that well because we share the belief that the better we know our patients, the better we are able to serve them. And when it’s everyone’s job to take care of our patients, they are better able to return to their lives as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Sometimes, taking care of the patient means more than taking care of the patient. Our patients’ lives are full. They have stories to tell, experiences to share, and friends and family around them who mean so much to their health and well-being. Our focus is with these people, as well. When we take care of them, we’re taking care of our patients. 

How you treat the patient has everything to do with how you treat the person. We value the patient—the person—above everything else. Because when we offer compassion, dignity and respect to each patient, each patient just seems to do better.

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Family Medicine
Bay Area Medical Clinic
Chequamegon Clinic
Denfeld Medical Clinic
Hibbing Family Medical Clinic
Lake View Medical Clinic
Laurentian Medical Clinic
Lester River Medical Clinic
Mariner Medical Clinic
Miller Creek Medical Clinic
Mount Royal Medical Clinic
P.S. Rudie Medical Clinic
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