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Stephanie, breast cancer survivor

I felt like I was at the peak of health—literally the last person who'd be diagnosed with cancer. When I called St. Luke's Breast Center, they immediately scheduled a mammogram. The following week I had a lumpectomy, followed by seven weeks of radiation therapy at St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Associates. It felt like I had an endless, exhausting case of radiation flu, but the entire staff always went out of their way to help me feel as comfortable as possible, greeting me by name and taking care of whatever I needed. On my last day of treatment, they gave me a special certificate and a handmade quilt.

The [St. Luke's] Breast Cancer Support Group sounded like it would be depressing, but it's actually turned out to be incredibly fun, positive and supportive. Everything shared within the group is kept confidential, so people feel free to talk about some very personal issues. That group is my rock. It may sound odd, considering my diagnosis, but these past 18 months have been full of wonderful experiences and people: St. Luke's Breast Center and the Regional Cancer Center, my surgeon, internist, oncology and radiology doctors, the radiology staff, volunteers, the amazing women in my Cancer Support Group—and most of all, my husband and kids.

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