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Patrice, trauma survivor

When I woke up in the hospital, I had no idea I'd spent 17 hours in the ER and three weeks in an induced coma, that I had two crushed lungs, 47 broken bones and was scalped from my eyebrows back. There were tubes running in and out of my body

Dr. Kubat and his team were with me from the beginning. I can't say enough about their fantastic bedside manner, wonderful care and everything they did to help me heal—starting with covering up all the mirrors. The skin grafts were very painful, but Dr. Kubat did everything possible to help me feel more comfortable, and after I went home, he made sure that I had daily home health nursing care for the next three to four months. Even though my hair is gone for good, I feel lucky that I still have my eyesight, my hearing, my brain and my family.

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